It’s January…Cue crazy detoxes and diets…

gwyneth paltrow


And Happy 2015!!

Here’s to a year where we can all realize our goals and get closer to the life we really want to be living.  We only get one shot at life, so give some thought as to how you would like your life to be and what you need to change to make that happen.

I found this article in SMH this morning and I must say that it is tiresome and disturbing all at once.  The repetition with which these ‘diets’ and articles appear dutifully within the first week of each year new year is extremely tedious and yawn-provoking. But far worse than that is the damage that people like Paltrow can do with their very rigid, extreme and irresponsible ideas.  I am all for people to have the right to choose what they want to do in their own lives but possibly consider keeping those ideas to yourself if they may cause harm to some people. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that this regime can certainly do that… Pureed garden weeds?  Seriously Gwyneth??

I have always been extremely skeptical of hardcore ‘detox diets’.  Primarily because the human body comes complete with its own built-in detox system.  They’re called the kidneys and liver and they effectively detox our body all day every day.  That’s what those organs do.  Sure we can assist our body by eating well, laying off processed foods and alcohol and drinking more water or fresh fruit or vegie juices as part of our normal way of eating (and I think that’s a great idea or way to live most of the time and especially after the silly season) but why do we have to get all psycho about it?

As with any ‘diet’ plan, please first engage your brain before jumping on the bandwagon.  Basically anything that looks extreme, cuts out too many foods or food groups and is rigid and restrictive is a very bad idea.  You will certainly feel like crap very quickly, be irritable and cranky and start to crave the very foods you are trying to abstain from.  Instead try making more gentle and d0-able modifications to your existing way of eating.  You have a far greater chance of actually being able to apply those small changes to your lifestyle in the longer term, thus being healthier overall and for the majority of the time.

What are your thoughts on this? Flick me through a message if you like 🙂

Have an awesome day.  Bye for now, Paula 🙂