Eating Disorders Prevention Programs


  • 70-76% of Australian high school aged females consistently express the desire for a thinner body than they feel they have
  • Dieting results from body dissatisfaction and/or poor body image
  • Young women who diet regularly are 50% more likely to be depressed than those who don’t diet
  • Adolescent girls who persistently eat in a restrictive and disordered manner are 20 times more likely to develop an eating disorder than adolescent girls who do not
  • Eating disorders affect roughly 5% of the female population in Australia
  • 24% of healthy weight males feel they are overweight
  • 68% of 12-17 year old boys have dieted
  • 25% of children diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa are boys and this could be a gross underestimation.

Research indicates that education around improving body image and resilience for school students from as young as 8 years has the most positive outcomes.

Paula Kotowicz, Counsellor, provides Prevention, At Risk and Early Intervention programs to provide information and awareness around these issues.

Eating Disorders Prevention Programs for Schools are based on the following concepts (according to age appropriateness), with the objective to helping young people develop and/or improve resilience:

  • Body Image
  • Media Literacy and
  • Self-acceptance, self-worth and self-value

I like that the audience got involved a lot.

Aged 13. Perth, Sept ’13

Programs are suitable for boys and girls in Years 3–12, are all evidence based and are 45-60 minutes in duration, enabling them to easily fit into most school class sessions. If you have a longer timeslot, Paula can conduct a more in-depth 90 minute workshop.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and would definitely recommend people to watch this in the future.

Year 10 student. Perth, Sept ’13

All programs are age-appropriate, interactive with interesting and relevant multi-media clips while promoting and encouraging student participation through thought-provoking discussion and activities.

I really enjoyed the fact that the presentation celebrated that we’re all individual and beautiful in our own way.

Aged 15. Perth, Sept ’13

To make a booking for your school, please contact Paula on
0414 585 358 or 029363 4470;

Paula’s work with both the girls and boys at our school has been enormously beneficial. Her expertise and professionalism in broaching difficult and personal issues with the students, with sensitivity, was a real benefit to me in my pastoral care role with girls.

Educator. Sydney, ’12

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