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For anyone who reads my blogs will know, I do NOT like (read: loathe) restrictive diets and think they are pretty hopeless in achieving what people want from them, which is weight loss.  They also encourage the body towards weight gain over time while simultaneously eroding self-worth due to the endless sense of failure that accompanies a typical dieting cycle.  All in all, they’re not a good plan…

This time of year is chocka-block full of stupid and dangerous restrictive diets.  So I am pretty happy to see this article in the paper today. It’s like a lone voice of reason out there in the wilderness.

This kind of thinking is basic common sense and will actually have us achieving our health and well-being goals (notice I didn’t mention weight or weight loss there?  There’s a reason for that: focusing on health and well-being is a far more positive and long-term approach than focusing simply on weight loss in the short term).  I know that common sense is neither common, nor sexy but I can promise you that this approach will give you a 100% better chance of reaching your goals in the long term than restrictive dieting.  Of course you will lose weight on a restrictive diet in the short term, I’m not for a second saying that you won’t but the very high chances are you will resume your ‘normal’ eating habits pretty quickly, regain the lost weight and blame yourself for ‘failing’.  Sorry but those are the facts…

But hey, if you’re skeptical give it a shot and try to prove me wrong.  But please give it a red hot go. Take a look at some of the ideas on that list and implement them into your life and see what happens.

Now as you do this, please keep in mind to stay moderate and balanced.  When we get obsessed, things have a tendency to get all pear-shaped.  Checking in with yourself can help you to maintain this balance.

Don’t forget to send me your comments and thoughts on this subject.

Have an awesome day.  Bye for now, Paula 🙂

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